Submitting a complaint

If you feel that a marketing activity infringes the MFU Code and Guidance, you can complain about the activity to MFU, the Norwegian Food and Drink Industry Professional Practices Committee. A case will then be compiled based on the information submitted. The complainant will remain anonymous throughout the process. The enterprise complained about will be entitled to make a response to the complaint, following which the complaint will be discussed by MFU. The complainant will be notified of decisions made and the decision will also be published on the MFU website.

Marketing to which the complaint relates:

Describe the marketing activity to which the complaint relates, and preferably where and when it occurred and what it is you object to. Attach copies of the advertisement, image etc. as documentation, if you have them. The MFU Secretariat can help you supply the documentation if you can give them the medium and source.

Send the complaint and any documentation either on the form below or by ordinary post to MFU c/o ANFO, Arbins gate 2, N-0253 OSLO.

You can also contact us by phone on +47 93 25 94 61.

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